Please Help Planetside Sequel

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Please Help Planetside Sequel

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Okay so here's the story...

Back in the day there was a game called Planetside, the first real MMOFPS. Hundreds of players fighting in the air, on the ground, in buildings,and so forth.It was the most epic experience I've ever had in gaming and anybody that played it will tell you the same thing. Unfortunately, it got old and died pretty much.

Here's some videos that attempt to show the epicness (nothing comes close to actually experiencing it):

But recently it was leaked that they are developing a sequel. Help show Sony Online Entertainment that they should put all their effort into Planetside 2!!

Do me this favor, please.

Click on the link and enter your email and the game "Planetside".
Then accept the confirmation email. ... 10_UPDATE9

Hopefully it will be released some day and I will show all of you the joys of this awesome game.
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