[C++] Hammer2 (Working Title)

This Section is all about Coding in C/C++ / Lua / SourcePawn for now...
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Re: Hammer2 (Working Title)

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Gary wrote:Also, about the help features, we could put a little "Entity Help" icon on the entity properties dialog, which will bring you to the relevant VDC page. This would be easy and wouldn't require us making a database for every single entity. Mod makers could have entity help plugins for their FGD, for example; OC would have a plugin that when you click "Entity Help" for a entity that is from the OC FGD, it will direct you to the relevant page in the OC wiki.
I second this.
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Re: [C++] Hammer2 (Working Title)

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I'm still looking for someone with OpenGL and / or DirectX experience to make the RenderContext Class work (so that one can focus on the features of the App itself...)
All I got for now is a basic DirectX9 RenderPanel that has a black Background (thanks to the SteamworksExample Game which provides some basic info on how to use DirectX)

For the Localisation:
- Get http://poedit.net
- Get the .pot file from the SVN (to be done :P)
- Create a new Catalog based on the .pot file (PoEdit has an Menu option for that)
- Get started with translating (At this point you'll probably get write access to the SVN to upload your .po file which PoEdit creates)

more to come as I continue~
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