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Post by Steve »

Every fraking thing u type is negative.
Which makes you annoying.

I'll critisize the map though...

Ok. Good things first. The helicopter controls well and the idea of the map is really good. I liked the gas-finding part when I first played this OC version.

However...it is barely any different from the one on DM. Minus one jet, plus a few gargs, and some pine trees on the surface, maybe some human tanks in a tunnel at the end.. and POOF, it is converted to OC.
Garg's dont make it converted. Niether do Pine trees. I would have liked to see him take some more time with this, remake it almost from scratch for OC. This is my problem with joe's conversions to OC, he just adds a garg here and there and calls it a day. (oc_teleport)

He did a pretty good job with oc_minimall but it still freakin crashes at the end every time..

But let me get back to helicave.
Aside from the gargs there are NO Obsidian npcs. It really takes away from the variety of the map, and therefore maintaining players's interest, if one level has an ant guard, and the next has an ant guard and a garg.
Where are the houndeyes, bullsquids, alien grunts, Hgrunts, Combines, etc.? Also the map is too short and at some parts to easy. You can just sit under the hole in cieling and smack the falling headcrabs. Don't get me wrong, I like the map and it is fun, but it just could have been SO much better.
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Post by Lark »

theres alien grunts too and he needs to fix the dam jet pack it sucks!
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Post by Sonic »

well its only a first release of an Obsidian Conflict setting. And joes is trying new maps a designs to add to this map. In addition, npc's will be altered for a new version :)
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Post by Tono-Tako »

just make the heli look good and i'll be happy, you can do better things in hammer
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Post by Svanrog »

Tono-Tako wrote:just make the heli look good and i'll be happy, you can do better things in hammer
I agree. Ugly brush based entities simply hurt my eyes.
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Post by JoeScoma »

HBK: Why did you just remove my post? Just because it's JoeScoma's map you wanna make him feel better and remove all negative reviews?
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Post by ViralHatred »

The heli is fine, though and osprey would look cooler. Also in the next version can it be outside?
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Re: oc_Helicave

Post by Jaiden »

i cant find the other gas-can :|
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