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i use obsidian\mapsrc D:
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Re: oc_pvp_turnbased

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Aight, with Beanbrain's permission I've re-compiled (obsidian\source2007) and re-uploaded this map.

Please delete any old versions of this map as I've kept the name (oc_pvp_turnbased) as I believe the map is pretty much in a final state, If any changes fixes are needed after then it'll become V1 or something.

Map Database Page:

http://ocmapdb.wikidot.com/local--files ... nbased.rar


Added env_cubemap
Built HDR & LDR cubemaps
Packed all custom materials
Added a Modify.txt (Just with blank spawnitems to remove weapons).
Packed a briefing.txt, read as follows:

Code: Select all

Obsidian Conflict

Map: oc_pvp_turnbased
Author: Beanbrains

This is a Player Vs Player Turnbased map.

Each turn lasts 5 seconds, you can do one thing per turn - either move one square in one direction, or shoot three squares in one direction. Shooting happens after moving, so you have to predict where they will move to on the next turn.

I just couldn't bare to see this fun lil map sit on Beanbrain's hard drive any longer!
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